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Yes, Even Your Small Business Faces Cyber Security Threats

October 8, 2018

It’s easy to assume that only top-notch, well-established businesses face cybersecurity threats. After all, a big business means a big workload, so maybe cybercriminals can slide by unnoticed. Of course, that’s not true. Large businesses often have complex systems to detect cybersecurity threats before they occur.

Small businesses, however, sometimes don’t have that level of sophistication to protect themselves. In fact, cyber criminals target small businesses because of this reason, thinking that it will be easier to attack, knowing that small businesses might not have a dedicated IT department or one that will catch their activity. Here are some ways they are able to get by unnoticed and how to stop it from happening to you.


Opening Phishing Emails

Phishing emails come in all shapes and sizes, disguised to make the recipient think they’re looking at a legitimate email. These emails are a cybersecurity threat because if you click on links or attachments within the message, you can download malware and viruses without knowing it. Phish or spam emails are an attempt to obtain sensitive information like passwords, usernames, credit card information, and more. Cybercriminals can make emails look like they came from CEOs or executives, or other official-looking sources. You should never give out this information without verifying the source, no matter how real it looks.


Easy-to-Guess Passwords

These days, hackers can use programs that run thousands of passwords in order to get into an account, which is a big threat to cybersecurity. Passwords that are easy to guess won’t use a variety of characters, like numbers, special symbols, and capital letters. Passwords should never solely consist of personal information like birthdays or favorite colors because these things aren’t very unique. Employees should set special passwords and change passwords every few months to keep accounts secure. There should be two-factor authorization for important accounts, such as sending a code to a user’s email for proof of identity.


Using Unsecured Wifi

If your small business uses an unsecured wifi network, you’re at risk for a cybersecurity threat. An unsecured wifi network uses no security encryption. That means cybercriminals can intercept and obtain data. On the contrary, a secure network is password protected, so only those with the password can utilize the network. (Just another reason why unique passwords are important.) Secure networks secure your data from interception and keep your business safe.


Cyber Security Education

There are so many other avenues for cyber attacks to occur, from data breaches to ransomware. Whether you’re running a start-up business or a large corporation, you are at risk for these attacks if you’re using technology to operate. Luckily, you can minimize that risk for infiltration, theft, and viruses by calling us at RazorCity IT in Little Rock. We can be your go-to resource to enhance your cyber security system and keep your protected from spam, hackers, phishing, and other malware. Give us a call at (501) 232-8877 to learn more about how we can help protect your business.