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Types of Storage for Cloud Based Services

August 10, 2018

Cloud based services have made it possible for businesses to have complete accessibility of data wherever there’s Internet connection (hint: almost everywhere).  It allows users to work from anywhere, plus, it acts as an extra layer of security for all your private information to be stored somewhere other than your own hard drive. Since data is stored in the cloud, your own computer hard drive has freed up storage space. Now, your only task is to figure out what type of storage will your needs for cloud based services. We think the easiest way to do that is by having a brief overview of the most common three types: public, private, and hybrid.


Public Cloud Storage

Public cloud storage is when your data is stored and maintained by a cloud service provider. For this reason, it is a popular choice because you’re not left with the task to manage the cloud or buy any additional software. This type of cloud based service might leave you feeling like you lack security since you’re not in control of monitoring the public cloud. However, third-party storage providers keep your data separate from other organizations. When you use public storage, you’re still able to access and manage your account with a web browser.

Public cloud storage is a reliable option. Your provider will ensure maintenance and accessibility. This can be a good choice for business in order to provide things like web-based email and online applications.  


Private Cloud Storage

If your business has its own data center, private storage might be a good option for your cloud based service needs. Private cloud storage is exclusively occupied by your organization and the software are exclusively committed to your business needs. Since resources are not shared with others as they are with public cloud storage, this is good for anyone that wants to feel more in control of their data. Your IT department will have administrative authority over the system and can customize it as needed.

With power comes responsibility-private cloud storage will leave all maintenance and management duties in your hands. However, if your organization already has an advanced data center, this may not be a drawback.


Hybrid Cloud Storage

As the name suggests, hybrid cloud storage is a combination of public and private options. This gives you the ability to take advantage of resources and benefits of both the public and private cloud. For example, you can store highly confidential data on the private cloud and use the public cloud for web-based programs that are less of a security risk. It gives you a lot of flexibility, as you will have storage options that work for all of your needs.


Your Cloud Based Service Needs

We hope that this information provides you with a basic understanding of cloud based services and the storage options that come with them. If you’re still unsure which cloud storage option is right for you and your business needs, give us a call at 501-232-8877, so we can help you figure it out.