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Yes, Even Your Small Business Faces Cyber Security Threats

It’s easy to assume that only top-notch, well-established businesses face cybersecurity threats. After all, a big business means a big workload, so maybe cybercriminals can slide by unnoticed. Of course, that’s not true. Large businesses often have complex systems to...

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Decreasing System Downtime with Managed IT Services

Downtime is great in our personal lives, whether that means sleeping in on a Sunday or binge-watching the latest release on television. But when it comes to a successful business, downtime can be the beginning of a disastrous workday. From equipment failure to a waste...

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Cyber Security: What is Two-Factor Authentication?

When it comes to cyber security, a lot of different components come together to secure your business against web-based threats. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of them, and you’ve probably seen it before. Have you ever tried to log-in to your email...

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Is Spam a Cyber Security Risk?

What started as a simple tool for communication has become something we use everyday for work, bills, reminders, and more. It’s called email and we’re constantly getting flooded with them. Anytime we visit a website, we’re asked to sign up for email subscriptions for...

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Types of Storage for Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services have made it possible for businesses to have complete accessibility of data wherever there’s Internet connection (hint: almost everywhere).  It allows users to work from anywhere, plus, it acts as an extra layer of security for all your private...

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How IT Services Make Business Run Efficiently

There are times when we think we can handle everything on our own. So much so, that even when people are offering to help us, we brush them off. Often we just go back and beg them to help us, instead of accepting their offer the first time! Not only did we waste time,...

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