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5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Online Threats

April 8, 2018
Cyber security is a big talking point these days, and for good reason. Rampant security threats mean that computer users always have to be on alert. With all the hackers, worms, spyware and viruses trying to infect your computer, one could say the internet has never been less safe.

While cyber security is important for everyone, at home and at work, it is arguably even more important for business owners and managers. Protecting office computers, company data and client data from online attacks and viruses is essential for the survival of a business. To keep you and your business safe, here are 5 simple things you can do now to protect your business and your customers.

Install Anti-Malware Software

Probably the most important cyber security measure you can take is to install high-quality antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software on all your business computers. Keep these programs up-to-date and set up daily virus scans to keep your systems free of malware.

Scan Emails before Opening

Businesses in today’s world usually have to deal with a lot of emails. With more than 50% of all emails received today being unsolicited spam messages, there is a high likelihood that some of these emails carry viruses and other cyber security threats. Ensure your antivirus program scans emails before you open them, to keep you and your employees from accidentally opening a harmful file.

Email Consciousness

Improving your cyber security requires watching out for certain kinds of emails. Even the best spam filtering and virus protection software cannot block every spam message from reaching your inbox. As such, it is important to improve your cyber security level by being cautious about the emails you open.

Although you may have to occasionally open emails from unknown senders in order to conduct business, if the subject of an email seems unrelated to your business, it may be best to leave it unopened. More importantly, you do not want to open attachments or click links from senders that you do not trust. To protect your business, be sure to also educate your employees on safe email handling practices to improve your cybersecurity.

Email Archiving

Email archiving solutions capture and preserve every email you receive, making emails to and from an individual searchable and accessible at a later date. Email archiving is a particular consideration where regulatory requirements are concerned. An email archiving solution allows you securely store data and retrieve it as needed.

Web Filtering

Internet access in the workplace can easily spiral out of control, with employees visiting websites that are unrelated to their jobs. This opens up your system to access to potentially dangerous websites and cyber security threats. Web filters are useful cyber security tools that can be used to restrict the web access of users to particular websites, or to general web niches.

Web filters can enhance employee productivity by keeping their browsing activities within the scope of their jobs. The filters can also increase cyber security by blocking access to websites known to host malware. It is important that you select a capable web filtering software that does more than just block and allow particular websites, and goes far enough to be considered a valuable cyber security solution.

As the internet continues to expand and technology continues to advance, it is increasingly important for businesses to be conscious of cyber security measures. Electronic data, the backbone of the modern business, must be protected. These simple measures can go a long way to improving the safety of your business assets.