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5 Types of Managed IT Services Your Organization Needs to Know About

March 20, 2018

The phrase “Managed IT services” often sounds like something to be associated with bigger, more established firms with very cumbersome IT needs. But smaller to medium scale businesses, as well as nonprofits, can benefit from managed IT services. The goals of every organization include cost reduction and performance optimization. For the most part, this involves transitioning from a “break-fix” approach to running your business, to a more calculated, preventive and forward moving approach. This is especially true in your IT department. A managed IT services provider can be invaluable to your organization, taking over some or all of your IT functions. There are many different tasks a managed IT services provider can care of for your organization. With your organization’s day-to-day technology functions taken off your hands, you can better focus on what matters most to your organization – serving your customers or your community. Here, we’ll discuss 5 of the most commonly-used managed IT services and how they can help your business or non-profit organization.

Cloud Management

The cost of running and operating your own data center can be massive. An IT firm with experts in cloud computing can help your business move forward by managing your data backup storage, WANs, LANs, and even hosting services – providing you with as much storage space as you need.

IT Support

Traditional IT operations can be handled by a managed IT services provider, who receives support tickets from employees and addresses them. The duty scope often includes technical support and help desk support.

Security Management

Protection from malware, ransomware, and viruses is a big part of the modern IT world, as data attacks continue to cause massive revenue shortfalls in organizations. Management of, and regular upgrades to, your security systems can be provided remotely or on-site by a managed IT services provider.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Here, the managed IT services provider owns, hosts and manages a software application on behalf of your organization, on a subscription basis. The provider ensures that the application is integrated seamlessly into your organization’s network and computing systems, and that it is constantly updated.

Data Analytics

Capturing, monitoring and analyzing data to reveal trends and patterns that help the client organization make decisions to further their business goals.

It is worth noting that while some managed IT services providers specialize in one very specific form of IT management, leaving the rest of the IT responsibility and planning to the organization, there are others that offer a broad range of services. From data management to software maintenance, and IT assistance, these providers fill a number of roles.

How to get Started with Managed IT Service

To start benefitting from a managed IT service, your organization must first determine its IT needs. This includes determining what must be handled on-site and what can be outsourced and handled remotely. You might simply take advantage of a managed IT service to monitor, maintain and care for your IT security.

On the other hand, a managed IT service can really go the distance. A broad range of activities could also include helping your organization make decisions on how best to move forward in the future. Be sure to carefully ascertain the level of competence of your desired IT management firm before handing over the keys.

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