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Is Spam a Cyber Security Risk?

August 10, 2018

What started as a simple tool for communication has become something we use everyday for work, bills, reminders, and more. It’s called email and we’re constantly getting flooded with them. Anytime we visit a website, we’re asked to sign up for email subscriptions for the latest  updates. When we sign up for something using our email, we’re often added to a list without prior knowledge. All these emails can lead to spam. It’s easy for cybercriminals to obtain our information when we put it out there. That might leave you wondering-is an infiltration of spam a cyber security risk for your business?


What is Spam?

Email spam refers to unsolicited messages that you receive, often referred to as junk mail. They can be a cyber security risk for your business because they can be very specific in targeting the intended recipient. For example, targeted spam emails can contain your employee’s name, the company name, and something that is relevant to the business, making your employee want to click on it.


Opening Spam Messages

If the email is convincing enough, opening it could mean a break in cyber security, as malware software can steal company and personal information from the user. When spam is opened, there’s a potential for spammers to run phishing scams that allow them to obtain passwords, account numbers, credit card information, and more.

Opening any links or attachments in the email can also stir up trouble. Any engagement in the message  shows that your email address is active, making it fair game for more junk mail to be sent your way. Plus, clicking on these links or attachments can download malware without your knowledge.

Just clicking “respond” to these emails can trigger information transfer to the spammers. Responding will invite more spam in, and make it easier to figure out more information about your employees and your business. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how big of a cyber security threat spam messages can be. So, how do you minimize the threat?


Reducing Cyber Security Threats

Even with professional IT services, you might encounter an unsolicited email one day. One way to minimize cyber security threats is by training your employees to spot the difference between a legitimate email and a spam. If they’re unsure, they should always seek help before opening it. Show them examples of junk mail and stress that they should never respond to it or click on links. They should know to delete it and report it.

Since email plays a large role in business operations, investing in email protection services will greatly benefit your business. In the rush of a busy day, it can be hard to differentiate between what’s legit and what’s not, especially since spam emails can be very targeted toward the recipient.

RazorCity IT in Little Rock is able to help prevent spam and viruses from reaching your business emails in the first place. If you’re ready to stop wasting time worrying about cyber security, give us a call at 501-232-8877.