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Cyber Security: What is Two-Factor Authentication?

September 10, 2018

When it comes to cyber security, a lot of different components come together to secure your business against web-based threats. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of them, and you’ve probably seen it before.

Have you ever tried to log-in to your email account and then been prompted to put in a security code that was sent to your phone? That was an additional layer of cyber security, to ensure you are authorized to access the account. Nifty, huh? Here’s why your business needs it.


Passwords Don’t Cut It

There used to be a time when a single password was enough to protect your account or data, but that time is drawing to an end. These days, passwords aren’t that hard to guess, steal, and hack. There is technology available to cyber thieves that allows them to run billions of password combinations in just seconds, granting access to password-protected accounts without much work. Two-factor authentication increases cyber security because it requires an extra layer of protection to verify the user’s identity.

Even with stricter password requirements, such as mandatory capital letters and special characters, companies can fall victim to cyber-attacks. This could mean theft of confidential information that involves the customer, client, and competitor secrets.


Bulking Up on Cyber Security

The first step of 2FA is logging into an application with a traditional username and password. Since determined hackers can bypass this first step pretty easily, a second log-in factor requires a unique piece of information to the user. We’re not talking security questions like, “What was the make of your first car?”, either. Those answers can be easily guessed as well.

Instead, 2FA will send a single-use code to your phone, another email, or leave a voicemail on your phone with the code. There are also ways to set up your smartphone to receive a notification prompting you to answer “Yes” or “No” if you were trying to log-in (or not).

Businesses can also choose to use a physical device such as a USB or key fob that holds a one-time password to allow the user access. There are many different options available, so choose a cyber security method that works best for your employees.


Protecting Your Business

Two-factor authentication is a cyber security method that reduces identity theft, online attacks, and system breaches. It’s no wonder that many businesses are utilizing this as a tool to keep their information safe. Now that businesses operate more and more from online accounts and systems, it’s crucial to take any precaution available in making that information secure from hackers.


Taking the Second Step

If you’re ready to get serious about protecting your business from online security threats, give us a call at 501-232-8877.

Our staff at RazorCity IT in Little Rock takes online safety seriously, especially when it comes to protecting vital information. We make it easy to incorporate cyber security into your already-existing business model, so that you and your employees don’t even notice the extra step that comes with 2FA.