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7 Reasons Your Organization Should be Using Cloud Backup Services

March 25, 2018

The age of the internet has brought with it many stunning, unexpected developments. Many of these have improved the way we use, transfer and store data. Perhaps the biggest data management leap that many companies and non-profits are still catching up on is the use of cloud backup services to store data securely and at low costs. Data storage is quickly moving from the use of typical hardware (HDDs, DVDs, etc.) to storage in the “cloud.”

Typical cloud backup services specialize in backing up all of your important files without the risk of a wipe-out caused by computer viruses or physical damage. Cloud backup services simply have you send your important data over a network to a secure third-party server.

The cloud backup service process copies the data and backs it up to the online “cloud.” This data is then compressed, encrypted, and written onto a server in a data center. With a wide network of servers in different locations, third-party cloud backup service providers ensure data is safe, even if one facility fails.

As you may have begun to imagine, cloud backup services give businesses and organizations many advantages. We’ll dig deeper into those now, with the 7 top reasons to use cloud backup services (and maybe some of our services too). 

Extra Data Protection

Data backup is extremely important in the tech era. Local company hardware could fail and break down for many different reasons, denying you access to company data. Cloud backup services allow you work in confidence, certain that your data is both secure and readily available for use, no matter what happens.

Easy Accessibility

With cloud backup services, backing up data to another piece of company hardware is becoming a thing of the past. Hardware backups come with the added nuisance of having to ensure the hardware is secure, and needing to locate it in the event of a crash. By storing your data on a virtual server, cloud backup services mean you can always find your data.

Quick Data Restores

In the event of a crash, your immediate concern will be restoring your data as quickly as possible so that you can return to business. Cloud backup services take away the time needed to digitally reconstruct your damaged drives, allowing you restore your important data as quickly as possible. Thanks to its fast, seamless process, an IT administrator can remotely manage your data without any difficulties.

Better Space Management

One of the best advantages of cloud backup services is the lack of need for any extra infrastructure. Your already existing corporate network is all the hardware you need. This keeps space in your workplace free for other uses.

Synchronization and Automation

Once you set automated backup times, your company data is synced, protected and stored, and any new data is automatically added and protected – every hour, day or week, as you please.

Quick and Easy File Recovery

Should there be a breach in your company’s physical computer systems, the task of restoring your data is as simple as a download - literally. If your cloud backup services come with a large network bandwidth, you can be certain that this recovery process (much like the backup process) will be a speedy one. With your data regularly backed up, you are sure to retrieve the latest version of your data.

Easy Collaboration

Storing data on the cloud is not only important for times when your company network experiences a crash. Cloud backup services can also be incredibly useful for team collaborations. With your data easily accessible to company employees on the cloud, team members can collaborate remotely, from different locations, for easy project progress. This alone is reason enough for many businesses to move their data to the cloud.

As technology changes, it’s normal for some changes to feel uncomfortable at first. But the move to cloud storage is not nearly as scary as it may seem. Due to their many wonderful advantages, cloud backup services are quickly becoming the norm, and are greatly appreciated by organizations who are glad to have more secure, affordable data storage that allows for easy collaboration.

Still not sure about a change to cloud services? Just like it’s said here, rip off that band-aid and have RazorCity IT be your solution to your IT problems.