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6 Benefits You’re Missing Out On Without Cloud Backup Services

July 20, 2018

Cloud backup services refers to the ability to backup any data stored on your computer in the case of anything from system failure to a software issue. In our personal lives, we use data backup to secure things as simple as music files.

So why wouldn’t you want the same level of protection for your business? The data we keep on our work computers-reports, financial reports, employee information is an integral part of a business. Sometimes disasters to happen, but if you’re utilizing cloud backup services, your business can avoid a crisis. Here are six benefits of cloud services you will want to get in on.


1. There is Minimal Downtime

With cloud backup services, your business will experience minimal downtime when the need for data recovery arises. After your data is transferred to the cloud, it’s there and accessible for you when it’s needed!


2. Data is Virtually Accessible

Another less obvious benefit of cloud backup services is that you will be able to gain access of your files virtually, by signing into your server. Basically, you will be accessing all of your data on the Internet, not just on your computer’s hard drive. So, if something goes wrong with your hard drive, no worries. Plus, with the ability to access files online, you can do so away from work.


3. Easily Share Files

Business often means you have to team up with others to get the job done. If you’re client-based, you may need to share design proposals before taking the next step forward. But the office isn’t always the most ideal, or possible, place to meet! You might have to travel out-of-state or meet a client on their stomping grounds. Instead of carrying around flash drives with various files, simply log into the cloud from whatever computer you have access to.


4. Schedule Regular Cloud Backup Service

Setting up cloud backup services for your business can take time, while all your data gets transferred over. But that’s our job. After the initial setup, we can schedule automatic backup at regular intervals of your choice, whether it be daily or weekly. Once it’s set in place, you’re good to go from then on out.


5. Increased Assurance, Less Worry

We mentioned that when you backup your data on the cloud, you can access it online. Those files are safe and available no matter what happens to your office. Natural disaster? Your files aren’t affected. No computer access? You can use a smartphone. Traveling? It’s okay! As long as you have internet, you have data access!


6. Fit the Cloud to Your Needs

Cloud backup services are flexible and affordable because you can make them fit your business needs. It doesn’t require extra equipment, plus you can increase or decrease storage as needed, according to your budget.

The cloud is more than just a data backup service, although that’s a main draw. It also allows your business to operate securely, efficiently, and mobily!

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